On behalf of the Gyulai Dog Agility Leisure Sports Club athletes and the Organizing Committee of XIV. IMCA and XII. PAWC 2013 - the third time in the history of series - we are pleased to invite the world's best handlers in agility for a wonderful weekend to Gyula - the town of fountains - to meet each other.
For a weekend when can make friends with each other in agility family. Where you can present yours and your dog's ability.

See our beauty town of Gyula and meet with the hospitality and friendship of the citizens this weekend.

In the past some years the name of Gyula became a concept in agilitys international society.
- Because the first ParAgility World Cup was held here in 2002.
- We joined first time to idea of our Czech friends to organize a big international competition for youthful every year in 2003.
In 2009, a major feat to have made that in same year, we organized the IMCA and PAWC and the Junior Champoinship. The high professional level of the latter one was recognized by FCI too.

We want to held in same level and succes the IMCA-PAWC in 2013.
But we need for your help. Please call your agility friends from all over the world to come to Capital of Hungarian agility life - Gyula.

In according a lot of handlers this competition is not only a great and international event, but becomed the real world championship for today.

This contest is all for you and your dogs dear agility friends. All organizers in past worked hard for this aspect in Italy, in Czech Republic, in Austria, in Spain, in Netherland, in Switzerland, in Belgium.
And we will do same in Hungary third times in 2013.

Sándor Alt & Árpád Tóth

Go Agility!

Sándor Alt

Árpád Tóth